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Study in China and Requirements

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China is one of the fastest growing nations and competitor of other nations in terms of Education. Glancing over the superior quality of Education and future opportunities, it has been an attractive Educational spot. Therefore, these days many International Students are opting China for Higher Education. China is economically very strong, so many students are choosing business stream in China.

To make the Education attractive, Chinese Universities have adopted the practical teaching which involves research work. Different level of studies are available for International Students i.e. Undergraduate Programs, Masters and doctorate. Number of International Students in Universities are increasing rapidly every year. China is one of the known destination for International Students.

Why Study in China?

Reasons to Join Institutes of China

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These days most of the students are preferring to go abroad for higher studies. They want to be a part of well developed country to have more future opportunities. China has become the most popular destination for International Students. While living in China, students can experience multicultural ambience as students from all over the world come here for Education. As China is economically rich so there is high employment rate. Students can easily find job after their studies on the basis of their skills, capability and knowledge. Following are the reasons why students should study in China:

  • It’s a growing country, so it keeps inventing one or the other source of achievement. Therefore, students have many options to secure future.
  • The degrees of Chinese Universities are highly reputed inside as well as outside China.
  • China’s Institutes are providing scholarships and funds to International Students.
  • Students can travel and explore breathtaking beauty of China.
  • Living and studying in China is much less expensive comparative to other nations like The United Kingdom, The USA, Europe etc.
  • China is a great place to start one’s career.
  • Students get a chance to discover different cultures, food, custom, tradition and social atmosphere.

Requirements to Study in China

Eligibility Criteria

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Chinese Universities provide a wide range of programs related to the previous study and personal needs of students. China’s Student Visa is issued to the students who wish to Study undergraduate program, advanced level program or doctoral program on foreign land. To apply for Chinese Student Visa, students require the following documents:

  • Passport and the copies of front and back page of passport. It must have 12 months validity and at least 2 blank pages.
  • Student must paste recent colored passport sized photograph with white background (33mm * 48mm) on the Application Form.
  • Students must have original as well as a copy of approved Student Visa Application Form.
  • Original as well as copy of admission notice received from Chinese University is also required.

How to Apply

China Study Visa Process

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There are two types of Study Visa for China. One is X1 type and other is X2 type. X1 Study Visa is issued to the International Students who are coming for advanced Studies i.e. for more than 6 months. While X2 Study Visa is issued to the International Students who are coming for a period, less than 6 months. If students have applied for X1 visa, then they should apply for TRP i.e. Temporary Residence Permit within 30 days of their arrival in China. The TRP issued can have the validity of 180 days to 5 years. Whereas X2 holders can study in China for 6 months without applying for TRP.

The process to apply study visa is very simple. Students must prepare application according to below given instructions to avoid any mistake.

  • Students have to submit the Application form to the Chinese Embassy. It can be done through travel agency or visa agency.
  • Mailed Applications are not accepted by the Chinese Embassy.
  • Student must send original and photocopy of the admission notice that they have received from Chinese University.

Work while Study in China

Earn while Studying

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Every International Student has this question in his mind, if he can work while studying in China? According to the rules and regulations made by China’s government, International Students can do part time jobs in some conditions during their study program. For part-time job, students need permission from the University. The day to day expenses have really risen because of which International Students have to do part time job. They can find part time jobs like Teaching, Voice Recording and Acting. Many International Students do so for several reasons- to interact with local Chinese people or to earn some money for day to day expenses. If any International Student already has ESL teaching certificate may get an advantage in finding part time job. In China, people of all age groups like to learn English to increase their spoken skills in the workplace. Students love to work with Chinese people as they get to explore Chinese culture and learn many new exciting things.

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