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The Education System in Spain has been in expansion since the early 13th century, and now the qualification acquired from a recognized Spanish University is highly appreciated throughout the Europe. Educational Institutes in Spain offer wide range of programs at all levels, in order to get International Learners from all around the world. Over the last two and half decades, the number of Spanish Universities have greatly increased. There are ample of world’s oldest and most renowned Universities situated in Spain. A majority of Institutes are public and supported by state funding, while private Universities are the property of Catholic Church. Spain comprises of 51 state Universities and 27 private Universities. Colleges and Universities specializes in tourism, arts, physical education and highly regarded business courses. The educational system of Spain gives three types of official degrees such as, Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree. Spain gives opportunity to the students to opt for any type of official degree. The Ministry of Education and culture operates public as well as private Universities. In addition, it is the duty of ministry to maintain the academic standards in Colleges and Universities.

Why Study in Spain?

Reasons to Join Institutes of Spain

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Almost every year, thousands of students from distinct parts of the world come to Spain to fetch education from one of the 74 Universities located in the country. Studying in Spain is truly an unbelievable experience that gives you advanced attitudes and concepts about life. International students come to know about rich history and culture of this land. UNESCO has declared that Spain is the second largest country with the most World Heritage Sites. These sites helps us to understand why famous cities of Spain like Barcelona, Valencia and Seville are the highlights of international tourism. Furthermore, Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language worldwide and there are more than 550 million speakers who speaks Spanish. A student facing new type of culture for the first time not only expand his/her knowledge of the globe, but also frame a flexible mind which in turn improves emotional and personal growth. The benefits of studying in Spain can broaden your outlooks. Moreover, by gaining education from Spain can improve your standard of living. There are many other pros of studying at Spain’s Colleges and Universities such as pleasant lifestyle, mild climate and relaxed environment. People of Spain are very cordial and helping towards one another. Colleges and Universities of Spain consider English as main language to attract ample number of International Students from all over the world. Although, main goal of the students is to become fluent in Spanish while studying in Spain.

Top reasons to study in Spain:-

  • Many top cities in Spain have the highest number of Universities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.
  • Spain provides diverse range of courses in the field of Economics, Business, Engineering, Fashion and many more which are available in English.
  • Spain is the 3rd most popular nation for International Students.
  • As an International Student, one gets a chance to learn the second most commonly spoken language worldwide.
  • The benefit of gaining education in Spain is that the fee structure of Colleges and Universities of Spain is quite affordable.
  • From the Europe, Spain has the 4th lowest cost of living.
  • Spain is student-friendly nation. People of Spain are very cordial and helping towards each other. Thus Spain has a peaceful environment to live in.
  • The city of Madrid is Spain's most crucial centre for International Business and Commerce.

Requirements to Study in Spain

Eligibility Criteria

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If a study course lasts longer than 90 days, then a student has to obtain long term study visa. This type of visa is granted to those students who have already been accepted in a recognized College or University in Spain. International Students who wish to pursue higher education in Spain must have a student visa before they enter in Spain. After entering the country, students are required to apply at Police Station or Foreign Office for approval to stay in the nation.

Documents required for study visa:-

  • A student must provide a proof of being registered in full-time course in one of Spain’s College or University that is recognized by Spain’s Department of Education.
  • An evidence of complete fee payment for the course is must.
  • A student must have a valid passport as form of identity.
  • Student's passport must have at least 2 blank pages and it must have been issued within the last 10 years.
  • A photocopy of completed application form is required.
  • A proof that student is financially strong to bear up the expenses during his stay.
  • Student must show personal bank account statements.
  • Student must have acceptable Health Insurance in Spain.
  • There should be no criminal record of student in native country.
  • Student must provide a medical certificate which is a proof that you are free from any kind of contagious disease and you are in a good physical and mental health.
  • Student intend to exit the nation at the end of authorized stay.

How to Apply Study Visa for Spain

Spain Study Visa Process

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A valid visa is required to enter in Spain which allows you to stay in Spain for 90 days but if an International Student comes here for longer period then they must apply for long-term visa. Visa process can take time so willing students must start the process as soon as possible. Prior to applying a Spain student visa, look at the required documents and the processing time needed for the visa to be issued.

So in order to apply for Spain's study visa you must follow the following steps:

  • Your process starts with visa application form for Spain. To get form, contact Spain’s Diplomatic Mission or Consular post in your country or get it online through internet.
  • Complete all the details in the application form. Do not forget to put your initials on the form.
  • Collect the required documents for visa application. Make a check- list of the documents that you need to deposit along with your application form.
  • You must provide recent colored photographs. You must ensure that your photos matches all the specifications required for visa photographs. Your photos should not be older than 6 months. You have to submit 2 copies of passport sized photographs.
  • Student must have a look at the fees required for visa application. Application fee and mode of payment differ according to the country.
  • Take an appointment at the application centre to deposit your application. You must give a complete form in person at the Spanish consulate.
  • Pay the relevant fee for your visa application at the time of submitting your form.
  • After the submission, you can track your form online.
  • If your visa is issued, you will be informed regarding the issuance. Make sure that you collect the visa within a month of being notified about its issuance.

Work while Study in Spain

Earn while Studying

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A student can indulge in various types of part-time work, so that they can pay for groceries. There are many rules for the students who don’t belong to European Union. If a student knows to speak Spanish language, then he or she can easily get a job. Various kinds of jobs like tenders and waiters, amusement park attendants, University on-campus jobs and language tutors (who are fluent in Spanish) are available for students in which they can earn Euros 7-10 per hour by work while studying. Here are some conditions for International students-

  • For full-time students, restriction stamp must be on the passport.
  • Students can work for 20 hours/week during their studies whereas in vacations, they are allowed to work full-time.
  • Student are not allowed to start any type of self employment or business.
  • Work rights are prohibited in the case if the course duration is less than six months.

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