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Study in Sweden and Requirements

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Sweden was rated as the most reputable country by the “Reputation Institute”. The citizens of Sweden have high standards of living and is a destination for travelers. Every year tourists come here to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the country. The country has high rank in terms of telephone and internet services. Sweden has the best student life as it has promoted independent study system. Sweden has around 35,000 International Students. Their Colleges and Universities encourages students for group work and prepare them for industrial environment. The tuition fee is less comparative to the US and UK. Students have many scholarship opportunities. There is a very warm relationship between teachers and students which makes the study atmosphere wide and open. Sweden is leading in areas like Environmental Technology, Cancer Research etc. There are many job opportunities in Sweden which attracts International Students for higher education.

Why Study in Sweden?

Reasons to Join Institutes of Sweden

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Sweden is famous as the education hub for Foreign Students. It is one of the independent, well-developed, advanced and innovative countries. By studying in Sweden, students gain vast amount of knowledge. It has less involvement of teachers so students are encouraged for group discussions. Therefore, Higher Education is based on self-responsibilities. Students are also asked to make reports on projects allotted to them. Following are the reasons why International Students should study in Sweden:

  • Education System of Sweden makes the students more creative. Students get the ability to question looking at the new perspective and coming up with their opinions.
  • As it promotes study, work and settle, so students can easily get work permit as well as permanent residence after graduation.
  • Swedish Society is known for the gender equality. Therefore, everyone takes part in decision making.
  • International Student-friendly environment in Sweden as everyone speaks in english.
  • There is wide network of transport like buses, trains, planes, boats etc.
  • It is a safe country for International Students with good quality of life.
  • There is affordable tuition fee. The Bachelor’s programs are usually less expensive whereas average tuition fee of Master’s program is USD 14,500 per year.

Requirements to Study in Sweden

Eligibility Criteria

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Sweden is a wonderful country because of which students from all over the globe flock here each year for Higher Education. Before heading off to the country students need legal permission from the government of Sweden for their stay during the course of study. For this process, students need to meet all the visa requirements and must have clear background. Certain documents are required in order to have a successful Visa Application.

  • Signed visa application form.
  • Receipt for the payment of Application Fee.
  • Passport with following requirements:
    1. It must be valid for minimum three months after the completion of students stay.
    2. There must be at least two empty pages.
    3. It must be issued in time period of past ten years.
    4. Two passport sized photographs clicked in last six months.
  • Medical Insurance Certificate.
  • Amount of money required for student’s stay during study period.
  • Photocopy of air tickets.
  • Offer Letter received from Swedish University or College.
  • Bank Statement.
  • Copies of Academic Documents i.e. University/College/High School etc.(attested)

How to Apply Study Visa for Sweden

Sweden Study Visa Process

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Students from outside EU (European Union) must apply for a Swedish Study Visa to avoid any problems during their study period. Student Visa depends upon the time or duration of the course. Student who is interested for Swedish Study Visa must contact Swedish Consulate office or Embassy. To apply, student must be financially strong and academically eligible. To start the procedure students need to register in any of the College or University of Sweden. Once the student receives the Offer Letter, then he can start the further procedure. The students who have received the Offer Letter, should apply for Study Visa as soon as possible because there is a rush of Student Visa application before autumn semester. Following are the steps to apply for Swedish Student Visa:

  • Confirm the admission to a Swedish University by receiving the Offer Letter.
  • Prepare the document file as per the checklist.
  • Confirm the Health Insurance.
  • Fill the online form for Residence Permit Application.
  • Upload the documents and submit the application.
  • Confirmation would be received from the Embassy.
  • Student needs to submit biometric information and photograph at the nearest Embassy on receiving email.

Work while Study in Sweden

Earn while Studying

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Due to day to day expenses, part time job has become the basic necessity of students studying abroad. International Students can work while pursuing the education from Sweden. To get permission of part time work, it is mandatory to complete 40 hours per week attending lectures, reading, working on assignments etc. There are many career cells, job engines, check bulletin boards at Universities in Sweden where International Students can get help in finding appropriate part time job. Often public libraries list out jobs which International Students can apply for.

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