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Study in Switzerland and Requirements

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studying in Switzerland

Switzerland is a small country with naturally inherited lakes and mountains. Many students shared their amazing educational experience in Switzerland. They stated that the Universities of Switzerland provide superior quality education. Students gave Switzerland wonderful rating of 8.4 out of 10 for its education system. Switzerland also received an award called “ The Student Satisfaction Award” which is a great achievement for the country. Government of Switzerland is providing many scholarship opportunities for International Students. There are many more scholarships like following:

  • ETH Excellence Scholarship
  • International Students doing masters at ETH Zurich is eligible for two scholarship programs. First is ESOP i.e. Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme which covers the entire study and living expenses. Second scholarship program is MSP i.e. Master Scholarship program. This program is open for National as well as International Students with excellent records in Undergraduate program.
  • IMD is a top ranked business school in Switzerland which provides variety of scholarships to full time students.
Switzerland offers multilingualism as it has four native languages i.e. French, Romansh, Italian and German. International Students get an opportunity to learn something completely new.

Why Study in Switzerland?

Reasons to Join Institutes of Switzerland

studying in Switzerland requirements

Switzerland is very well known for its Education System. As per reviews taken from International Students, the reviewers are super happy with the quality of education and the facilities which are provided to the students. The compact sized classes, practical studies and research opportunities make is a favorite destination of students. Following are the reasons why International Students should choose Switzerland for Higher Education.

  • Swiss University leaves International Students in good position when looking for graduate employment.
  • Universities and Colleges of Switzerland have the cheapest tuition fee in the whole Europe.
  • It is a diverse place to live with three neighboring countries i.e. Italy, France and Germany.
  • Multilingualism environment opens whole world for International Students in terms of job prospects.
  • Geographically, Switzerland is known for its beauty. Natural scenic beauty adds to the healthy environment which enhances good academic life.
  • Switzerland has some huge companies which has offices throughout the country and offer prestigious career opportunities to graduate students.
  • Switzerland has the best business minds particularly in the fields of Banking, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.
  • Swiss MBA is worldly famous.
  • Switzerland is ranked as world’s most creative and innovative country. It is because of the research opportunities given to the students during education.

Requirements to Study in Switzerland

Eligibility Criteria

studying in Switzerland expenses

International Students pursuing their graduation or post-graduation in Switzerland get top class Education and research opportunities. There are a significant number of highly ranked Universities and Colleges which makes Switzerland famous. It’s also one of the safest countries with low rate of crime. The procedure of Swiss Student Visa is very simple but before applying student must keep in mind some guidelines. Before starting with Student Study Visa Application process, students need to decide their University or College in Switzerland depending on the discipline to study. And then apply for Acceptance Letter which is required for Visa Application. Following are the documents required for Swiss Study Visa:

  • Passport Requirements:
    1. It must be valid for 6 months beyond stay.
    2. It must have at least one blank page with visa stamp.
    3. Original and signed passport with two photocopies.
  • Visa Application Form:
    1. Three complete and signed Student Visa Application form.
    2. Passport Sized Photographs:
      1. Four recent 2 * 2 passport type colored photographs.
      2. It must have white/ plain background.
  • Other Requirements:
    1. Two copies of Offer Letter received from Swiss University/College.
    2. Two copies of tuition fee confirmation.
    3. Two copies of Bank Statements containing exact details of income and assets.
    4. Two copies of Academic Documents.
    5. Two copies of signed and dated resume.
    6. Two copies of brief essay on the applicants future plans.

How to Apply Study Visa for Switzerland

Switzerland Study Visa Process

study in Switzerland

So, the last step left with the admission is acquiring Student Visa. Students can start the process on receiving Acceptance Letter from the Swiss University. Short term Schengen C Visa is required if the students have applied for summer courses, language schools etc. i.e. courses with three months duration. And long term National D Visa is required for courses longer than three months. The process of Study Visa is similar for both type of visas. The applicants must submit their application to embassy.

Students must follow the following steps to complete their Application process:

STEP 1: Once the student has received the Offer Letter from Swiss University, he/she has to take appointment. Student must attach the scanned copy of Offer Letter and mention three preferred dates for appointment.

STEP 2: On scheduled appointment, student have to fill a Visa Application Form and submit it the Swiss consulate with the required documents. The documents are further forwarded to the Cantonal Authority in Switzerland.

STEP 3: Student will have to write a essay mentioning reason for pursuing studies in Switzerland, future plans and confirmation of leave.

STEP 4: Then, the Student will have to submit required documents.

STEP 5: Embassy may conduct a language test to evaluate language skills.

Work while Study in Switzerland

Earn while Studying

study in Switzerland

Job has always been a major concern for International Students. There is no problem for a International Student in Switzerland as they can do part time job. Students need to multitask to balance their work and studies. They are granted to work for 15 hours/week during sessions but full time during vacations. Students can find jobs in newspaper, advertisements, student association at their campus or through University itself. Wage rate is different for everyone depending on the job and students skills.

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