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Bathinda Branch

Gill Square Ground Floor,

Ghorewala Chowk, Bathinda

The decision to study abroad is life-changing, and it requires careful assessment of educational institutions, study programs, and job prospects abroad. Lack of knowledge and guidance makes it difficult for candidates seeking foreign education to make the right decision. To bridge this gap, Pyramid eServices have been striving hard for over 16 years now.

With a massive record of obtaining over 30,000 study visas, Pyramid eServices is one of India's leading overseas education consultancies, fulfilling the Study Abroad aspirants' needs. Our vast network of over 350 universities and colleges located in top study destinations enables us to provide the most authentic and accurate information and speed up the study visa process. We are proud to be the only recruitment agency working with the District Bureau of Employment and Enterprise – Punjab Government Administration. Several top foreign institutions have awarded us for our hard work.

Following the vision of empowering students to become internationally educated global citizens, Pyramid's Bathinda branch is making significant efforts to educate students so that they can make a well-informed decision to study abroad. Pyramid's Bathinda office is located at the heart of the city's educational area, Near Ghora Chowk, connected to the surrounding areas with adequate transport facilities, making it quite convenient to reach students.

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