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Overseas Education Consultants

Overseas Education Consultants

The number one dream in the minds of the young generation is to study abroad. They want to achieve their aspirations and goals. They want to see the world from their own eyes and explore their career opportunities. They want to experience the new culture and make new lifelong friends.

The journey to a great career starts with proper planning and selection of an overseas education consultant. The decision of choosing an overseas consultant can make or break their dreams alone. An inexperienced overseas consultant may result in many difficulties and in some cases visa rejection. Students require proper guidance and support and here comes the role of a good Overseas Education consultant.

What do Overseas Education consultants do?

Overseas education consultants provide their expertise to the students who wants to study abroad. They guide the students, help them in shortlisting universities, in preparing documents, in visa approval and interview preparations.

Why you should choose Pyramid eServices

Pyramid eServices is a renowned name in the field of Overseas Education consultancy. Our organisation has been serving the students for more than 15 years and has successfully handled more than 30,000 student visa cases. Many international colleges has given our organisation the best consultancy awards and several International universities and colleges consider us number one Overseas Education consultants.

Pyramid eServices has a complete set of services required to study abroad

Study Visa: our experienced consultants helps the student at each and every step. Our experts help in

  • Profile evaluation: Profile evaluation is required to give the proper guidance and it helps the student in selecting the course as per their education.
  • University selection: Our experts help in selecting the university or college available for the course in which the student wants to study.
  • Financial document preparation: our experienced team helps in preparing the various financial documents required for study visa.
  • Supporting document preparation: our team helps in preparing supporting documents which may be required for study visa.
  • Visa query handling: Visa query is handled professionally to maximise the chances of visa approval.
  • Visa counselling: our expert councillors provide guidance for visa interview. Students can easily clear visa interview with their instructions.
  • Interview preparation: Some business colleges and universities take interview for their study courses. Our expert team also prepare for the same.

IELTS Training: we have experience of more than a decade in teaching IELTS to students. Thousands of students have successfully cleared the IELTS exams with the help of our highly qualified teachers.

Education Loan: In many cases students need financial support to study in an international education institution. We also provide assistance in getting education loans.

Pathway programs: Our Pyramid College of Business and Technology provides pathway programs. Students can start their study here and finish in foreign university with 100% credit transfer.

Spouse Visa: Those students who are married can also apply for spouse visa through us. It is a wonderful way to live abroad with our close one and study.

Our experts work very hard to fulfil your dreams. If you want to study abroad or have any questions, feel free to contact our expert counsellors. We are always eager to help and listen from you.

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