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Best Countries to Study abroad for Indian students in 2021

The new year has started with a lot of hopes and expectations for Indian students. Top study destinations such as Canada, UK, Germany, and the USA have already begun a coronavirus vaccination program. India has also approved not one but two vaccines, which has led to hope that the world will soon overcome this pandemic and its new strains, and international students will be able to travel to their study destinations without any hassle.

The great news is countries like Canada, the UK, Germany have already been taking several measures to allow international students to study at their institutions. Other countries are also gearing up. As a matter of fact, several educational institutions in Australia, Germany, Canada, and the UK are now accepting students for May and September Intake.

The year 2021 is expected to be competitive for international students because of the fact that those students who could not go abroad due to the pandemic last year are completing their study goals this year. Therefore, it would be wise for study abroad aspirants to secure their seats at the earliest. Here is a list of the best countries to study abroad for those who have not yet decided where to study in 2021.


Canada is one of the most popular countries among Indian Students. In fact, India is one of the top source countries of international students in Canada. International students choose Canada not just because of quality education but also for immense work and PR opportunities. They can work part-time during their study programs as well as full-time for up to 3 years on a post-graduate work permit. During this period, they can also apply for permanent residency. Noticeably, Canada has set a target of issuing PR to around 4 lakh immigrants each year till 2023. The year 2021 looks promising for students aspiring to study in Canada because the government has taken several measures to safeguard international students’ interests.


The UK is home to some of the best universities and colleges, providing excellent study programs, and it is increasingly becoming a popular study destination among Indian students. As a matter of fact, India is the second significant source of international students in the UK. Despite the pandemic, the number of UK-student-visa grants to Indians till the academic year ending in September 2020 increased to 44,992. International students can stay back in the UK for two years to gain valuable job experience. Recently, the UK has implemented a point-based immigration system to simplify the study visa process. UK universities are anticipating positively for the upcoming academic year.


Germany is another top-rated place of study for Indian students, and their numbers are steadily increasing there. As per the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, the total number of Indian students in Germany has grown by 20.85% to 25,149 by Winter Semester 2019-20. The excellent higher education system, Affordable education, and specialized international study programs taught in the English language are key reasons why Indian students choose Germany as their study destination. According to a recent survey by DAAD, around 330,000 international students are currently enrolled at German higher education institutions.


Australia had around 738,000 international students in 2019. However, in 2020, enrolments in Australia decreased due to strict Covid-19 travel restrictions. But now, because of the fact that the country is moving fast to introduce a mass vaccination drive, hopes remain that international students will be able to travel to Australia to benefit from its excellent education system. In fact, several of its institutions have already started accepting international students for upcoming intakes.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another excellent destination whose all eight universities have been ranked high by various world university ranking agencies. The country is a shining example of coronavirus management, and it has helped it maintain its reputation as a ‘safe and secure’ study destination. So far, its boards have remained closed due to pandemic. However, the government has secured several deals with Covid-19 vaccination manufacturers, giving real hope of international students’ return to this excellent study destination.


USA’s education system is one of the best globally, and its universities and colleges are highly-reputed. For the year 2021, One hundred fifty-one of the United States’ universities has been listed by QS in its world university rankings, which is by far the most by any study destination. Like other countries, the pandemic impacted international student enrolments in the USA too. However, as per the open door 2020, Indian students’ applications drop by just 4%, and the expert says it merely reflects a delay in their study plans. As the country is rolling out the vaccination, the days are not far away when international students will travel to the US without any hassle. Moreover, with the recent change of guard in the US government, US universities have shown confidence that international students will return to the USA in a significant number this year.

Choosing the right destination and a university/college can be a daunting task for students aspiring to study abroad. At this time, it becomes even more essential to take expert advice. Therefore, it is highly recommended to study abroad aspirants to consult with the pyramid’s visa experts. Pyramid eServices is one of India’s leading study abroad consultancies, with a massive record of fulfilling over 30,000 students’ dreams over the last 16 years. Students can reach us by calling at 92563-92563 or visiting any of the pyramid's nearest branches.

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