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Study in Latvia and Requirements

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Latvia is an attractive country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. It has beautiful landscape and appreciative atmosphere for the students that after completing graduation, students are very well prepared to enter the professional world. Institutes in Latvia offer courses in different disciplines keeping in mind the interest of the Students. The tuition fee in Latvia is quite less comparative to other nations like The United Kingdom, The United States, China etc.

Students can experience and explore multicultural ambience with various types of Latvian influences. Most of the people in Latvia speak English and Latvian languages. So, it is recommended for International Students to learn Latvian language during their study period. Latvia has many research jobs in Medical Chemistry, Genetic Engineering, Physics etc. where existing Scientific Traditions are followed. In past few years, Latvia has achieved high goal by transforming itself into a well developed country and now attracting people from all over the world. Number of International Students in Latvia are increasing by 10% every year because of their globally acknowledged degrees. Latvian education opens the doors of success for students.

Why Study in Latvia?

Reasons to Join Institutes of Latvia

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When it comes to study abroad, Latvia remains an admirable country as it has great Education System. Students can find jobs relevant to their graduation on the basis of their expertise and knowledge so they should keep enhancing their skills which can be proved as a ladder to their success. Students can legally do 20 hours per week part time job along with their studies. The cost of living is very low in Latvia comparative to the standard of living. More than 5,500 International Students enroll in Latvian Universities every year.

Further are more reasons why studying in Latvia is a good option for International Students:-

  • Many wonderful programs are offered to the International Students.
  • Latvian degrees are globally acknowledged.
  • Latvia have reasonable cost of living.
  • It’s economically a rich country so students have many future opportunities.
  • An amazing atmosphere for academic life which motivates students.
  • The tuition fee is less comparative to other countries.
  • It provides scholarships to the brilliant students.
  • Availability of different fields of study. So Latvia offers choices in programs. Students can select course as per their engrossment.
  • Wide job market for the International Students.

Requirements to Study in Latvia

Eligibility Criteria

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If study period is longer than 90 days, then students require Study Visa which is granted to the students who have already received the acceptance letter also known as offer letter from the University. The European countries itself convince the International graduates to continue their stay after University which means they have lot of job opportunities. Latvian Education System is well-respected all over the world.

A set of documents which student needs to prepare before applying for Latvia Study Visa. Student must be very careful because a single mistake can be a reason for Visa rejection from the Embassy. There can be additional requirements depending upon the University or College, so confirm the requirements before applying.

Following are the required documents for study visa:-

  • Students must have original valid Passport.
  • They must carry Passport sized photograph with white background and 35X45 cm size.
  • They need Academic Documents including 10th and 12th DMC’s, Graduation Certificate and Graduation DMC’s.
  • Students must clear any of the below English Proficiency Certificate.
    • PTE
    • TOEFL
    • IELTS
  • Curriculum Vitae is also required.
  • Student must have police clearance certificate.
  • Students must get their original bank certificate with at least Rs 4 lacs as a financial proof.
    • Bank certificate must show student’s name, date of birth and passport number.
    • Students must issue International debit card from same bank.
  • Other required documents are :-
    • Application form
    • Invitation letter
    • Guarantee letter
    • Admission letter

How to Apply Study Visa for Latvia

Latvia Study Visa Process

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Student need a visa to enter Latvia, if an International Student comes here for longer period then they must apply for long-term visa. First of all students need Acceptance Letter from the University only then they can apply for Latvia Study Visa. Visa process can take time so, willing students must start the process as soon as possible.

So in order to apply for Latvia visa, student must follow the following steps:-

  • Original documents are required from the students.
  • Applicant would receive the conditional Offer Letter and invoice for the payment of Application Fee. Payment would directly be made in Universities account. Application fee is non-refundable.
  • Some Universities take online test or Skype interview of Applicant.
  • For verification by the University, educational documents will be submitted to the AIC i.e. Academic Information Centre. This procedure would take 2 to 4 weeks.
  • On receiving AIC Statement, University will provide the following:
    • Admission letter
    • Study agreement
    • Invoice for Tuition Fee (refundable in case of visa rejection)
    • Invoice for security deposit (refundable in case of visa rejection)
  • When tuition fee is successfully paid the documents will be forwarded to the University.
  • Then, University would forward visa supporting documents to the students. Bachelor's students would get Invitation Letter while Master’s students would get Invitation Letter, Visa Guarantee Letter, Accommodation Guarantee Letter from the University.
  • Applicant will have to visit the embassy with their documents for face to face interview.

Work while Study in Latvia

Latvia Study Visa

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Before going abroad for Higher Education, every International Student has a question in mind if they can work while studying in the nation? Well there are no restrictions for International Students to do part-time job in Latvia while they are on study program. Full time work rights during course are prohibited to the International Students but they can work for 20 hours per week. The employment rate of Latvia is high therefore getting a job is not a big deal but it really depends upon student’s skills. In Latvia, Hydroelectric power and Wind Farms are also big employers. So, International Students can easily find part-time job for day to day expenses. Students can also get work permit after few years of experience

Work opportunities for International Students in Latvia are:

  • Students can legally work for 20 hours per week along with their studies.
  • During vacations, students can work full time i.e. for 40 hours per week.
  • The main industries for part time jobs in Latvia are processed foods, electronics, textiles etc.
  • Many Universities in Latvia provide internship to the students. It usually starts in summer season.
  • Internships are available in management, technology etc. which are good options for part time earning.
  • There are many placement zones where students can search for placements.

Business Partners in Latvia

Universities and Colleges in Latvia

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Riseba University



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