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Study in New Zealand and Requirements

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New Zealand is internationally recognized for its excellent education standards and high quality teaching faculties. New Zealand has become an ideal choice for students willing to study in a multicultural society. Wide variety of ethnic communities and people from all backgrounds reside in New Zealand making it cosmopolitan location that welcomes International students.

Cost of living in New Zealand is comparatively low to other western countries and for an International student it's a safe and welcoming environment that makes the parents confident enough to send their kids to New Zealand.

Why Study in New Zealand?

Reasons to Join Institutes of New Zealand

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New Zealand being the second most peaceful nation on Earth has become an Ideal choice for students across the globe. Its state funded universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics provide globally recognized degree. The presence of different cultures and backgrounds give a student space for personal growth and development. New Zealandā€™s education system works on practical learning style, by which students experience more than just getting a theoretical knowledge.

Students have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world with a degree from New Zealand in hand.

New Zealand embassy follows a crystal clear visa policy which makes the application process fast and easy. The best part about studying in New Zealand is that the tuition fee is paid after visa approval.

Requirements to Study in New Zealand

Eligibility Criteria

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To apply for study visa in New Zealand, a student must have enough funds to bear his educational expenses, pay for his living expenses and incur the travel costs for his/her entire stay in New Zealand.

In addition, student must be ready with the following documents while applying for a study visa:

  • An offer letter from the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) which states the minimum course duration and course fee.
  • A written document from an institution which states that the student has suitable accommodation arranged within New Zealand.
  • A Medical Certificate from state hospitals authorized by NZQA.
  • Academic Credentials and Proof of English proficiency.

How to Apply Study Visa for New Zealand

New Zealand Study Visa Process

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Different rules are for applying visa if you are planning to enter in New Zealand. Students are free to apply visa according to the duration of course. Various kinds of student visas are in New Zealand like Dependent Child Student visa, Exchange Student Visa, Fee paying Student Visa, New Zealand Aid Student Visa etc. Students can enjoy high-quality education of New Zealand after having visa approval. So, Pyramid will provide you top-notch guidance to choose best College in New Zealand according to your eligibility criteria. To apply for a study visa at any New Zealand Institute students need to follow the process as shared below.

  • Prepare all the required documents, then consultants will help you in further procedure.
  • Interview.
  • File lodging procedure.
  • Then the final Result will be in form of visa.

Work while Study in New Zealand

Earn while Studying

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Part time work experience can help Students to earn enough in order to cut their day to day expenses. Moreover, students can gain experience which helps to develop skills like communication, teamwork, timekeeping etc. These skills can be very beneficial for students in the future. But students should always try to balance work hours with study so academic performance couldn't be compromised. In New Zealand, worker rights are available to international students while studying. New Zealand only allows you to work 20 hours a week on a student visa.

Business Partners in New Zealand

Universities and Colleges in New Zealand

Sr. No. Institution Name Campus
1. Newton College of Business & Technology (NCBT) Auckland
2. EDENZ Auckland
3. Aspire 2 Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch, Henderson
4. Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology Rotorua, Tauranga, Tokoroa
5. Alpha Education Institute Auckland, Christchurch
6. New Zealand School of Education Auckland, Hamilton Central
7. Auckland Hotel and Chefs Training School New Zealand
8. ICL Graduate Business School New Zealand
9. UUNZ Institute of Business Auckland
10. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology(NMIT) New Zealand
11. International Aviation Academy of New Zealand(IAANZ) New Zealand
12. Institute of the Pacific United(IPU) New Zealand
13. International College of Auckland New Zealand
14. Employ NZ Teritary InstituteĀ  New Zealand
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